The Dingbat Maps

On April 1, 2004, Magellan Linden discovered fragments of a map of a lost world, made by the Di-ingue Baught Tribe. They were encoded with mysterious symbols, which later turned out to be the Dingbats font. As I have been keeping track of sim additions, I was able to make a prediction based on decoding work done by Surina Skallagrimson.

The Original Di-ingue Baughtian Map

This is the original fragmented map that Magellan Linden provided.

Surina's Rosetta Stone

This is the "Rosetta Stone" Surina provided, a translation of the Di-ingue Baught language to English. I do not have the full message, but the major discovery during translation was that 108 sims would be coming soon.

Surina's Rearranged Map

This is the fragments rearranged into a more likely map, done by Surina.

The Grid as of late June

This is the grid as of June 22nd. There have been 79 new sims added since the original announcement, however 6 of those were Private Islands or Game Developer sims, leaving 73 sims added. So another 35 more on the way.
This map provided by Christopher Omega.

The Prediction Map

Taking the June 22 map, I noticed that Surina's map matched up to some of the more unique continents that had been added since April 1st. But I needed to flip the map around. You will see (despite my lack of image manipulating skills) that the major landmasses in the Micronesian, Japanese, and Hawaiian sims line up quite well with the reconstructed Di-ingue Baughtian map.