Older Maps of the Grid

These are earlier Linden-made maps of Second Life. As you can see, they released them rather sporadically. If you have anything earlier, later, or in between these maps, please to contact me in-world and I will make arrangements.

November 21, 2002

This is the earliest map I have, showing the beta grid over a month before I arrived in-world.
This map provided by Steller Sunshine, and can be found along with other alpha and beta pictures in her cabin on Lonely Island in Welsh.

December 17, 2002

This is what the grid looked like when I came to Second Life. Lusk, Perry, and Tehama were the newest sims at that point.
This map provided by Yadni Monde and can be found at his Junkyard.

February 2003

In late January 2003 the Welcome Area was moved to Ritch as Natoma was becoming too busy to handle new avatars.
This map provided by myself from an old image grab.

April 2003

In late March 2003 the "New Welcome Area" and theme sims were added, as well as a copy of the Orientation Island sims so old-timers could see what newbies went through. These sims included Dore, Ahern, Bonifacio, Morris, Oak Grove, and Jessie. The largest expansion yet, the grid was increased by nearly a third.
This map provided by Misnomer Jones.

June 2003

In April, the Lindens showed their terraforming skill with Kissling and showed a possible southern expansion with Immaculate. In May, Boardman and De Haro were opened as newbie residential sims, featuring suburban and camping themes respectively. Jessie was moved over a square to join the mature Outlands while being set as a damage-enabled sim for an influx of newbies from a military MMOG.
This map provided by Christopher Omega.

June 18, 2003

Second Life saw a huge expansion before it went live on June 23, 2003. The grid was again increased by nearly a third as an entire northern continent was added along with theme expansion sims. This map also shows "coming soon" and "possible region expansion" areas.
This map provided by Yadni Monde and can be found at his Junkyard.

June 19, 2003

This map soon replaced the above map, showing more of the "coming soon" and "possible region expansion" areas. "Soon" became December 2003, and region expansion ended up south of the grid rather than further north.
This map provided by myself off a past Second Life website.

October 20, 2003

In October 2003, the Lindens put up some gorgeous maps on their website showing terrain, objects, new builds, popular places. Little did we know this was a precursor to the greatly improved in-world map coming with 1.1 in November. Unfortunately the Lindens never updated this map further.
This map provided by myself off the Second Life website from October 2003.